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Design + Events - An ingenious match! The elements and principles of design relate directly to planning and coordinating an incredible event. When executed successfully, attention to detail, balance, harmony and unity all lead to effective design and spectacular events. Stephanie integrates over 15 years of dedication, passion and experience to the fulfillment of every project.

Stephanie’s passion for idee was sparked while living in Torino, Italy, where she experienced and studied the structure and aesthetics of this life-affirming and beautiful culture.  Always looking for ways to move beyond trends and to find what is both eternal and totally ‘now’, Stephanie’s idee takes the strength of her foundation in American design and marries it to modern and classical Italian and European style elements.  The result?  Iconic design and extraordinary events.

Clearly an innovator, Stephanie’s approach has remained, at the core, steady through all of her years of work in the field of design and events: to truly understand what the client wants and make it a reality. From her first gig for a local Los Angeles designer at the age of 16; to her work with Color Design Art, Garrett Interiors and Tracy Murdock Interior Design and Management; to the launch of her first design firm “Grand Design” in 2000; she has exceeded her clients’ expectations.

With her solid credentials*, her natural exuberance and her skill in working with clients within limits of a strict budget or challenging time constraints, Stephanie’s fun-loving nature and absolute dependability shine through as she actualizes her clients’ visions.

After establishing her career in the dynamic Los Angeles design scene, then journeying to Torino, Italy to study European design, Stephanie has now landed in Reno, Nevada. Constantly motivated by the beauty and diversity of her surroundings, Stephanie continues to explore new cultures and expand her expertise in the fields of design, wine and cuisine.

* Certified Interior Design in the State of California, American Society of Interior Design (ASID), International Interior Design Association (IIDA),
National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).